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WARNING - Leech Oil Dangers

Leech Oil Dangers
Wooow .... What causes harmful?

About Oil Leech
Leeches contain "hirudin" an enzyme which is used as a blood thinner frozen if there is a problem of blood clots in the channel. Leech oil is NOT a material that mengadung enzyme and if the oil is used in apply leeches to the penis in order to enlarge the penis obviously misguided way, because "hirudin" as the material to melt the frozen blood and NOT bring up the penis tissue. Today many creams & oils containing leeches sold over the internet for penis enlargement purposes. There was never a study of it can raise the size of the penis so its use will be in vain!

MYTH drug traders utilize to make profits by selling oil leeches because of ignorance many men.

Usually the purchase LEECH OIL (oil leech) is accompanied by technical usage, well HERE'S THE SECRET:
"TECHNIQUE" That actually usage that can enlarge the corpora cavernosa cells, so it was not oil, but unfortunately these techniques provided by the very standards such as only a massage course, make home made, very bad, and the origin contek GRATISAN METHOD TECHNIQUE training course very limited, so hasilnyapun clearly vain, and you will depend continue to buy oil and medicinal leech-like drugs.

Sex Relationships
Sex by using leech oil in the penis with a strong purpose sex is a very dangerous if your partner is easy moist vagina, use of leeches oil will interfere in the vaginal environment and cause changes in the germs of "good" in the vagina and indirectly causing germs " pathogens "(bad bacteria) multiply in the vagina.

If vaginal dryness, you should use water based lubricants are readily soluble in water (not oil leech / leech oil) and that does not interfere with germs "good" that already exist in the vagina, there is no good for the vagina by using leech oil and of not good for health and endanger your partner because if they caught would be very DANGEROUS for content!

Your penis will experience bad side effects if you find that you are using leech oil still contains bacteria / germs harmful (especially not registered by the Department of Health), which can lead to impotence, penile irritation to dangerous infections in certain periods.

So Do you still sacrifice your penis with a dabble with oils and medicinal leech-like drugs?


Bulus oil is made from the original struck oil made from the original oil from the machinations of the living, not the machinations of fat, but the machinations of the original oil is still alive.

Machinations of the super oil is great for various properties below:

1. Tighten the skin so tight and interesting. if your skin looks wrinkled and old, then once you wear this original oil machinations then your skin will look fresh and changing so fast again.
2. In order to cure wounds heal faster. for example, got burnt iron, tin soder exposed, exposed to motor exhaust, so wear this original turtle oil, then you will soon heal wounds without leaving a trace of black.
3. In order to cure acne facial skin clean and not easily infected, you are exposed acne stone, with these machinations oil then your acne will disappear and the skin become smooth again.
4. Enlarge breasts / breast to make it look plump and sexy (sexy), you who have a deficiency because your breasts are small, so use these machinations then change the oil on the breast will be bigger and faster, do not be embarrassed again, it struck oil could stimulate cell growth in breasts to grow so big and tight.
5. Impotence treatment, penis becomes so sensitive and easily stimulated. if your penis quickly and letoy sluggish, you fit these machinations of oil use, the penis will be huge and hard, in sequential order evenly it will increase blood flow to the penis. you make a macho guy and handsome.
6. Enlarge and lengthen the penis to be big, intense and long lasting. The best solution for you who want a penis so big and strong and long lasting for hours is not easy to come out during intercourse.
Once in the rub will soon begin visible results, typically expire within two bottles of red is already getting the results you want. very good for penis enlargement and breast to make it look plump and contained and tight. while the penis will turn into a long and large and permanent.
Made from natural material that is native struck oil in heated, not fried like most, it struck oil does not cause irritation or negative side effects, very nice and has been proven many times. does not cause itching.

How to use:

Before you use this turtle oil, please wash your genitals with warm water lukewarm, once clean, please your lap, and the basting oil. Then you sort sequence approximately 5 minutes, do it for one week, undoubtedly the result will look and durability of the penis would be more durable.

Without side effects, is made purely from the machinations of the original oil refining, could be to mempersar woman's breasts appear to be plump and beautiful.

And already tested hundreds of people in Indonesia

Sabtu, 05 November 2011


Pasak Bumi, V-i-a-g-r-a Forest Indonesia
Pasak Bumi is a natural herbs v-i-a-g-r-a / stamina booster from Indonesia. In Malaysia, the drug is called with Tongkat Ali. Although the Pasak Bumi is a plant native to Indonesia, but the influence of the efficacy of this plant to more stamina booster for men arousal was studied by Western countries than the country of Indonesia itself. As an annex to this chapter, I provide several choices of studies of Western countries against the efficacy of the Pasak Bumi to increase stamina booster arousal. You should know that studies conducted using scientific language, the Latin name of the Pasak Bumi is Eurycoma longifolia.

Pasak Bumi (Eurycoma longifolia) has been shown to increase testosterone levels in the body, but it does not happen with just one use only. The effect can be seen after continuous use for several weeks. In addition can improve male fertility function, Pasak Bumi also can add liveliness of men in stamina booster activity.

Furthermore anabolic effects posed to elevated levels of testosterone from the use of Pasak Bumi must be taken into account. For several weeks usage, I tried adding a dose of the use of the Pasak Bumi (one tablespoon full, twice a day), my muscles growing even though I only do a little exercise. The addition of the Pasak Bumi dosage may not be appropriate for women or men who want to keep the slimness of their bodies.

Men who have a penis too small due to lack of testosterone levels in the body, can consume the Pasak Bumi to increase testosterone levels that can increase penis size.

Similarly, for men who are accustomed to eating tempe or other soy products, can consume Pasak Bumi to obtain the usefulness, because the tempeh and other soy products are rich in phytoestrogens can inhibit stamina booster function and penile growth.

In Malaysia, the Pasak Bumi is very famous among local men. In these countries, Pasak Bumi has been harvested in large quantities from their forests. Now the Malaysian forest areas that still have this plant is patrolled by rangers.

Currently Indonesia v-i-a-g-r-a original production at the moment is hard to find jusru Pfizer v-i-a-g-r-a is available in every city in this country. Some herbal companies nationwide are using the Pasak Bumi for men herbal products herbs, but the amount used is too small so that the effects of the Pasak Bumi less felt. I just knew that the only company that sells products Pasak Bumi roots,when I reviewed the store, the price of 1 kg of the roots of the Pasak Bumi in powder form is 70,000 dollars, while that for 1 kg of roots Pasak Bumi in the form of slices worth 50,000 dollars.

Men should consume a teaspoon full of powdered Pasak Bumi twice a day. Pasak Bumi usually consumed traditionally, that is by drinking water from the boiled roots of the Pasak Bumi for ten hours to obtain the active ingredients they contain. Pasak Bumi In fact very good if taken in powdered form rather than traditionally.