Minggu, 06 November 2011


Bulus oil is made from the original struck oil made from the original oil from the machinations of the living, not the machinations of fat, but the machinations of the original oil is still alive.

Machinations of the super oil is great for various properties below:

1. Tighten the skin so tight and interesting. if your skin looks wrinkled and old, then once you wear this original oil machinations then your skin will look fresh and changing so fast again.
2. In order to cure wounds heal faster. for example, got burnt iron, tin soder exposed, exposed to motor exhaust, so wear this original turtle oil, then you will soon heal wounds without leaving a trace of black.
3. In order to cure acne facial skin clean and not easily infected, you are exposed acne stone, with these machinations oil then your acne will disappear and the skin become smooth again.
4. Enlarge breasts / breast to make it look plump and sexy (sexy), you who have a deficiency because your breasts are small, so use these machinations then change the oil on the breast will be bigger and faster, do not be embarrassed again, it struck oil could stimulate cell growth in breasts to grow so big and tight.
5. Impotence treatment, penis becomes so sensitive and easily stimulated. if your penis quickly and letoy sluggish, you fit these machinations of oil use, the penis will be huge and hard, in sequential order evenly it will increase blood flow to the penis. you make a macho guy and handsome.
6. Enlarge and lengthen the penis to be big, intense and long lasting. The best solution for you who want a penis so big and strong and long lasting for hours is not easy to come out during intercourse.
Once in the rub will soon begin visible results, typically expire within two bottles of red is already getting the results you want. very good for penis enlargement and breast to make it look plump and contained and tight. while the penis will turn into a long and large and permanent.
Made from natural material that is native struck oil in heated, not fried like most, it struck oil does not cause irritation or negative side effects, very nice and has been proven many times. does not cause itching.

How to use:

Before you use this turtle oil, please wash your genitals with warm water lukewarm, once clean, please your lap, and the basting oil. Then you sort sequence approximately 5 minutes, do it for one week, undoubtedly the result will look and durability of the penis would be more durable.

Without side effects, is made purely from the machinations of the original oil refining, could be to mempersar woman's breasts appear to be plump and beautiful.

And already tested hundreds of people in Indonesia

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  2. Dear Sir,
    I would like to know the price for Turtle Oil and Minyak bulus oil. Please provide us with a quotation.
    We are trading company based in Nepal and dealing in all kinds of herbal products and medicines.
    We are presently interested in your bulus oil and would like to know about your prices and request you to send one quality sample for which we are ready to pay. If we are satisfied with the quality we will place our bulk order and discuss all aspects of business in details.
    Also please send all the details of this oil like uses and applications.
    We had written to you before but haven't got any response. So please do reply soon.
    Our email address
    Best Regards